He had this tantalizing smile and funny wild ways
One day he just up, and walked away.

He told her everything, he made it sound so nice
He spoke of sweet lies of love, dreams of a perfect

He made her feel like never before, with
Her heart in his hands he walked out his door,

He took her love, he took it all
He took her soul, now he's gone

Each time she cries it's a sign of his pain
Every tear that falls carries his name,

But, one day all will change
No more stormy rain

He broke her heart, that she didn't choose, but
In this game someone had to lose,

He taught her something that took her half her
Life to learn, never risk it all for as your
Love is concerned,

Save some love for yourself to spend
Just enough to help your heart to mend

So when the pain seems so heavy, if it gets too
Hard to smile, then just remember it
Only lasts a little while.