You walked back into her life, it was like time had stood still.
You looked as she remembered you had, but with a little maturity.
They caught up on what had happened since they had last talked.
She sat staring at you not believing that you were sitting in front
Of her.
You touched her hand and pulled her close and the memories came
Flooding back to her.
You kissed her and she felt a warm feeling that had not been there
In some time.
Their bodies become one.
As she sits and thinks of that night she's so happy you came by.
Even if it is only for a brief moment or a lifetime.
You gave her back some emotion that had been lost not wanting
To be hurt again.
You re-lit the flame through a small flicker right now she knows
It will be an everlasting flame of dreams and desires of what
Lies ahead.
She's so happy you walked back into her life.
She still loves you and always will.