Upon snow capped horizons,
Spellbound--in glowing orange sunrises;
Wild flora, slashing--basking green meadows,
In cradles of ancient mountains, abounding in singing forests,
So fragrant--with pine;

Hailed-by fluted mountain warblers,
Perched, echoing--against cascading slopes;
Heavenly sculpted steads, climb afternoon thunderheads,
Breaking loose nectar, into encompassing--roaring streams,
Winding--endlessly, in contented space;

Curious creatures, dart in and out of sacred sanctuaries,
Flashed-by shadowed, soaring--feathered pilots,
Creating intermingled thoughts,
Caught up in time-lapsing memories,
Bewitching fantasies, bathed by warm winds--
Sinking his mind deeper and deeper,
Into the hypnotic conjure, of Rocky Mountain magic,
From distant drums and dancing feet.