Resting in the rickety old rocker
That sits on the rhododendron porch;
She gazed into the mountains and glimpsed
Wild ponies, prancing and dancing
And racing in the fields below.
Tilting her head
She heard the laughing shrieks of little ones
Jumping into the ice creek
That flows beneath the hills.

Firecrackers poppin' fourth of July,
Birthday, holidays for loved ones to share
Crunching apples, roasting ribs, corn on the cob
Olde Duke in his bark, nodding his head
She remembered.

The best of all...were the times that they spent
Telling tales of old times and events
But now...they are gone, dear relatives and friends
Momma and Daddy, where it all began;
Peace then, Go quietly, rest "Lil House,"
Carolina mountains, LOVE you too!