A tear slowly falls from her eye.
So many memories that just make her cry.
Her heart is tender and all its love is for you.
Still her heart wonders what she will do.
Memories of the past have come to break
Her heart again.
A creation that was made that died within.
A loving hand for a very warm heart.
A baby conceived, because love played the part.
What she wouldn't give for their baby to hold.
But death's hand had seen it better to scold.
So their baby, now lies in heaven beyond the
Pearly gates.
And for its daddy and mommy it patiently
Their loving hands to hold on to.
The baby now lives inside her and you.
A memory of the past that will fade away.
A memory in them that will always stay.
Keep their baby alive through their hearts within.
And through the love they share they one day
Will try at their love again.