He was so proud when each of you were born.
He passed out cigars, tooted his horn.
He told everyone about your first tooth
And your first word--that's the truth.

All at the office suffered with him
When either of you sustained injury.
He shivered by campfires, slept on the ground,
Took you fishing where insects abound.

He cried with you when things went wrong;
Laughed with you, broke into song.
His wallet has bulged with photos of you
Which tolerant friends were coerced to view.

You, in turn, have been good to him,
Showering him with love and gifts, he agrees.
At Christmas, on birthdays, even promotions;
On Father's Day, too, you show your emotions.

For this he thanks you both very much
But you both forgot to keep in touch.
So, this may come as a big surprise:
Since he retired, he doesn't need more ties!