The power of music echoes the senses,
For beauty's song makes a charitable man;
Remember the ballad taking the world as it is,
Then laugh, for there is no unbelief in forgiving.

Walk with her down the road, sing her softly to sleep,
Do not give up life's stanzas of love;
The fiery wings of lovers haunted paradise long ago,
When the evening star bewitched the sleeper.

If the world is involved in too much song,
Take a trip to the country graveyard;
Do not shed teardrops when the lamp is shattered,
For the man whose soul is dead shall not care.

Say I love you to outwit the breaking heart,
Be faithful in your own fashion, take the world as it is;
Sing of love's philosophy with a human touch,
Pay for tolerance to make a learned man.

Charity defeats uncaring good-byes,
And around the corner is a place for a friend;
Melodies are better than gold, joy is a thankful heart,
Play the song of friendship, again and again.