She comes here in the dark, when she is
The night knows her, and lends her aging stars
To candle her way to the garden.

Over the horizon, stillness gathers
In a nebulous hush,
And descends on the fertile furrows of the ocean
To stir the dormant seed of dawn.

Delicate fronds of moon-silver climb the gloom
Paling the sky with transient luster,
And in the crumbling dusk, morning blooms.

The corolla blushes, unfurling over the seas.
Diaphanous shades of rose, like a celestial flower
Opening in crimson time lapse,
Dabbling perfume on the pulse of the wind.

Petals of sunshine blow across the dunes,
And in the gust, gull's wings pluck the breeze.
They play her heart's song on pristine harps of air,
And strum the silence,
And fill her with music.