Mama Mouse was filled with extreme dismay,
Since her baby had fur that was not gray;
This babe born near artists' magenta paint,
Caused the concerned Mama to nearly faint
When she ran he babe's vivid purplish-rose,
On body, long tail, and bewhiskered nose.
But you, Magenta said, "This color's nice,
I do wish it were on all the world's mice."
So Magenta made it her agenda,
That henceforth all mice would be magenta,
Not only the furry, four-legged kind,
But also computer mice one does find;
Magenta's goal: It would become a fad--
A magenta mouse on every mouse pad.
A gray cat suddenly came on the scene,
It hungers for mice meat ever so keen,
Run as fast as you can, Mouse Magenta,
This gray cat has you on his agenda!