Have you ever stopped to see why the world goes 'round?
Or why every wrong thing that goes wrong runs aground?
Just remember who they are and whose they are, they can be found.
It is their duty to do the Lord's work and let it loudly sound.

So many questions to them to ask, so much to seek
Just remember that not all in the world are mild and meek
Yes, some folks are strong and a lot more than that are weak
Just rejoice in the Lord and his works and do let it leak.

By Love's gracious love and his long understanding
For by his grace and love for it is his life planning
They should really care and know his love, like gold pinning
Yes, Love cares and he doesn't go to all in scanning.

Always remember on how they should act and should be
For they are Love's children for all his people to see
Act according to the scriptures and show it with a glee
They all would be much happier, yes, even you and her.