Did you ever see a Canadian sunrise
The magnificent painting is hard to surmise.
As she traveled east in Saskatchewan this morning at dawn
The rising sun rays peeped over the distant lawn.
Then the brilliant red showed in the skyline so true
Edging the dark leaves in reds which were coated in dew.
While precious seconds ticked away
Lazy pinks tinted clouds floated by to start the day.
Vivid orange mediums soon blended
To make hundreds of values never to be rendered.
Soon the bright yellows joined the fun
Giving even more hues to the ever changing sun.
Cobalt blue decided to enter the creative show too
But when mixed with the yellows turned shades of green blue.
Pure jade was most evident in sections about
Pale blue finally could be recognized in and out.
The great sun then shining there in the dawning sky
Made the colorful sunrise so beautiful, one could cry.
Many a famous artist has failed to receive
That which LOVE in his huge canvas manages to achieve.