In every flower & tree that grows.
Her Love!, is there!, as ages goes!:
In every soft breeze!, that blows!:
Blessings!, on his children!, bestows!:

Can? you see the wind! that blows!.
See? where it starts!, see: where it goes!.
Her Love!, is in all of those!, for she can see!:
For!, he sees all!, and he sees her!:

It's! an ill wind!, that blows!, no good!:
Consider!, for a minute!, she wishes you would!:
"Who"? put the boundaries! in outer space?!:
The same Love: that put color in every face!:

"Now!" draw near closer!, and understand!:
"Who" bound! the waters!, and the shifting sands!?:
"Our" Love!, "made all!" & holds all in his hands!--:
For! their Love!, he is Love!, & also!, man!--:

Love! in his wrath!, can take a gentle breeze!, that blows!:
And make terrible tornadoes!, that grows & grows!--:
Showing!, mankind! "His power" that no! power!, can stall!--:
"Our Love's" powerful hand!,!, still, writes on the wall!,!,!,: