They fall in love without knowing it.
There are no words spoken at all.
There are only words spoken with the eyes.
Though neither one knows what is happening.
Their hearts float from the bodies and meet.
They fall in love at first sight.
Though their minds do not yet connect.
Their hearts are forever sewn together.
Though they do not know it, but their hearts do.
They will soon be leaving one another.
They fall in love with hearts, but not minds.
The morning comes the hearts try to hang on.
The hearts are pulled apart and torn.
The body just walks away with no hurt.
The body soon will know what it didn't at first.
They fall in love with body as days pass.
The hearts slowly convince the body of love unknown.
The body soon realizes what it did not at first.
Though the body wishes it could change things.
The body and heart fall in love and they become lovers.