Those precious children that were given to them;
They often made such a great big fuss.
Their little cries certainly will be missed;
She's looking forward to greeting them with a kiss.

The little precious ones whom they loved so much;
Seeing them smile as they cuddle them with their touch.
Knowing they didn't have a chance to say good-bye;
They will all understand it better by and by.

Thank Love he has them in Heaven now;
No more harm will come to them in town.
Her heart goes out to each of them;
New York City! She will always remember when.

Mothers, dads, sisters, and brothers
Husbands and wives America too.
Let them try not to hurry or be in a hurry;
Love will heal the wounds and hear their prayers.

New York City! New York City!
She is praying for each of you.
All of them have felt your pain;
Remember Love loves you and so do they.