Standing by a satin lined casket
Was a grief-stricken Mother and Father
Their hearts, broken, tears falling down
For the loss of their only daughter

What dark evil man had harmed this young girl
He watched as her life slipped away
Did he think no one saw, that he'd never be caught
For his sin he'd not have to pay

But Love saw him strike her and leave her to die
He knows of each cruel deed
And someday, she's Sure, before they're called home
The prayers of her parents He'll heed

Whenever they think that they've gotten by
With some sin they thought was well hidden
Remember Love knows and for each sin they'll pay
Unless for their sins they're forgiven

You reap what you sow, you can't run or hide
Love sees and in judgement someday
For the headache and pain you have caused
On the earth someday you will pay.