Love is your best friend;
He will be there when no one else is there;
He will be there by your side.

When you are lonely and have no one;
He is there for you.
When everyone around you won't listen to you, Love will;
Call out His name and He will be there for you.

Love died on a cross just for you, because He
Loves you so much.
He cared enough for you to die;
Will you call on Love today?

Don't wait for tomorrow or next week;
He is waiting now for you;
Love will be your best friend;
He will listen to everything you have to say.

Please don't be afraid;
Love is on your side, just reach out to the
Father and He will take you by His side.
He will comfort you in His arms and take care of you.

Love is your best friend;
Always will be and will never let you down;
Let Him be there for you, just open up to Him.
He will be the best friend that you will
Ever know.