She tried so hard to hold you, she just
Couldn't let you know
Now you say if she doesn't open her
Heart, she's going to have to let you go.
Please don't make her tell you, don't make
Her relive it all again
Maybe someday you'll know, but right
Now, she just can't let you in.
If she did, she'd lose security, she'd be
Completely vulnerable to you
You could turn around and hurt her.
Just like the rest of them always do.
Everyone has their secrets no one has
Nothing to hide
So please understand, in you, she can't
Yet confide.
She thought she has loved before, but in
The end she was wrong
After so much pain, she can no longer
Act strong.
She's helpless when it comes to you, so
Please, be patient with her
One day she'll tell you everything, she
Just doesn't know when that will be.
Until then--please, just love her.