This letter was written along with hope
Folded and sealed in a white envelope
She would have mailed it sooner if a stamp she'd had,
But instead it was left on the desk by the bed.
Forgotten it lay there for two days then three.
But it was after all just a letter to her,
Just a letter you wrote and held in your hands
So important to her but you didn't understand
What a few words can mean to a faraway heart
That's laden with care, yet rippin' apart.
From the waitin' and hopin' that it would arrive,
Sometimes it's a letter that keeps one alive.
Five days, then a week, and a month passed by
Til that unmailed letter one day caught your eye.
"Oh Lord I've forgotten, I hope he's not mad,
I would have mailed it sooner, if a stamp I'd had."
So you picked up the letter and went off to mail,
A few words of love to your man in jail.
Well the letter it got there, but she's sorry to say
It got there too late, by exactly one day.
For your man he waited, but he waits no longer
Too bad his poor heart, wasn't harder and stronger.
He died never knowing in a dark prison camp
That your love had the value of a 41 stamp.