Faithfulness and trust equals love.
Just like Love is a dove.
Be kind, gentle and true,
Your days and nights will not be blue.
Your life together is what you make of it.
But if you are unfaithful with lust, it will be a pit.
You have to put Love first in your life.
Then your marriage will not be a strife.
When you are honest with one another, there is no guilt.
But if you are not, your marriage will wilt.
Marriage is till death do they part.
But many end up with a broken heart.
Remember, all things are possible with Love.
Your love and marriage with Love can be a great squad.
Your marriage can be a love boat.
It can always be afloat.
Your have to have integrity, morals, self-respect, self-
Discipline and self-control.
In marriage you should not have any loopholes.
Love and marriage is a partnership with Love, which they
Help to create.
Your life together can be great.