In the immediacy of things,
Renewal, seemed as remote,
As does the promise of Spring, when,
Hidden beneath a season of winter snow.

But, when she looked at you,
Now, she knows you again;
And in you, she's found pieces of her,
Long lost, or perhaps forgotten--Preserved,
And there is joy,
Because she is now free to recall
All the things time allows her to forget.

Perhaps the paths they followed
Are simply spirals within other spirals;
Crossing over from time to time; but--
By sharing the warm memories of
Summers past,
You and she crossed over, and
Into a time, that quietly erased many years;
Years filled with half empty, longing, and
Hollow dreams...and pain and loss...
And bitterness, beautiful memories.

"Forgiveness," is the grandest expression
Of love in a friendship;
As it allows the once tormented one, her,
To find her own safe circle,
In the promise of a Place,
In the heart of a Friend...Forever.