On the curb there sat a young girl
Maybe fifteen years or less;
Her Lost Eyes had told the story
Of a life-awaited mess.

Seeking refuge in a needle
She was well beyond her years.
Blocking out the world before her--
No more sorrows? No more tears?

Engulfed within an empty void
All her life deceit and lies--
With no one left for her to trust
She spoke with just her eyes.

Shooting up and tripping out
On a path of no return--
Immersed in dark oblivion
With nowhere else to turn.

Who was this aimless woman-girl?
The how, the where, the why?
Was she present, past or future
Existing, or just passing by?

In his mind he felt her anguish
As if it were his own--
Her life seemed so a part of him
He knows--he once was there!

Now he comes and sits beside her
To help soothe her silent cries,
And for the first time since he saw her
There was hope in those Lost Eyes.