Oh, restless and angry sea,
Companion to her darkest thoughts,
Do you count the tortured souls
That leap into your inky blackness?

Standing on the edge of the void and
Battling her own inner demons.
Many a time has she thought
To take advantage of your closeness.

A true love she once thought she had;
For many months she felt a joy
So utter and complete she was
Dancing with the stars.

But alas! the rapture didn't last;
This love was just a fantasy;
Whisked away on the winds of forever,
Leaving her behind, barren and desolate.

Lost in her morbid thoughts, she failed to notice
A brilliant sunrise shimmering before her eyes,
Until an errant ray touched her face.
She looked up, and was so moved by the beauty
A solitary tear rolled down her cheek.