As he looks down upon you, he sees all the pain he's caused.
The pain he has caused you is something he never meant to do.

His body lay now in the ground entombed, that's not really not him.
His spirit now soars once open like a bird, he has been set free.

The tears from your eyes are hitting the ground.
He did not mean to turn your beautiful smile upside down.

He did not mean to leave so soon, there was nothing he could do.
Even though he is not around any longer, know that his love is still for you.

He is here with Grandma, she said hello.
They think of you often, and when they do, it gives his heart a glow.

Sis, their time was so short with each other.
Remember, he looks in from time to time on You and Mother.

He also keeps an eye on Dad, you know how he hides his feelings.
Tell him everything is OK now, alas not to be sad.

In your heart is the place he will always be.
He knows you have not forgotten him.

He thanks you all, for what you have done.
He is proud of all of you, proud to be your brother and son.

Remember, they will all be rejoined once more.
He looks so forward to that moment, it is something they will have to wait for.