It invades your every pore
Fills your very heart and soul with pain, emptiness...

It is something you bear alone
Within your loneliness
Until suddenly, without warning
It becomes unbearable, excruciating, killing...
It bursts into flames of tears and laments of the heart and soul.

So tears and laments you cry, until you can cry no more
Your heart and soul are no longer filled with pain
But with complete emptiness
Devoid of feeling, feeling anything, even the loneliness.

But feeling nothing only lasts for a while
For being devoid of feeling is to be dead, body and soul.
Is feeling, in and of itself, not a gift from their Creator?
A quality of humanness vital for living
Until for experiencing joy, happiness, peace...
Sadness, suffering, despair...

Is it, then, not a joy, to feel pain, loneliness, and suffering?
Is it, then, not better to feel, than to feel nothing at all?