Today unlocks a memory of not too long ago
When you were just a tiny tot, with wondrous eyes aglow.

You stepped into a world so vast, so strange, so new
To start the task of growing up, that only you could do.

They watched you, your slipping by, as from infancy you grew,
Into a child so sweet and fair, a parent's dream come true.

Then came those years they call the teens, you really thought them tough,
But they were there to pave the way for roads that could be rough.

And now you've reached the final stop; as an adult you must start
To face the problems of each day, with courage in your heart.

They look at you with so much pride; the years were not in vain,
You gave them so much happiness; 'twas they who were to gain.

And yet they feel a little sad on this your special day,
Wishing that the best of luck stays with you all the way.

Today you are a queen, his dear, but only for a while,
Have fun and laugh and dream those dreams, and always keep that smile.

For life's road is not an easy one to travel on your own,
But if you walk it straight and fair, you'll harvest what you've sown.