He says it's friends that bring him here, and he sometimes forgets
How he made it home!
He always has regrets, but not for long, because when he takes
That drink he doesn't have to think.
Of the ones he's hurtin', and its cert'in that its some loved one!
Who really gives a damn.
Right now he doesn't care, all he wants and needs is that drink!
So the hurt goes on with every drink he takes.
It's hard to have a life when you're livin' inside the bottle!
He can't control it, he's in complete denial.
Every day is the same old story, "I'll have just one then I'll
But for a person like him, one is too many and a million never enough!
The bottle's taken over mind, body, and soul!
"He's out of control!" The bottle's got him and there's nothin' he
Can do without it!