Living In The Big City Ain't No Joke.
Their little teenage sisters are giving up hope and getting poked.
All for the pusher man's dope.
Uppers, Downers, Blows and even crack cocaine they smoke.
Ain't no joke when it's your little sister everybody saying is good to go.
That's right all for the pusher man's dope.

Sometimes it seems like it's no hope.
She thought dropping out of school was cool, now she sees life ain't no joke.
Running from hood to hood flat backing for dope.
He sees mothers in tears and others acting like they don't care.
There's no compare in a mother's love.
And it's even better when it comes from Above.
Sometimes they need the hand to give them a little shove.
There's no Blessings like the ones from Above.
It will have you smiling and floating like a Dove.
Better then any dope man's drug.
If you can't handle it by yourself ask the Lord to give you some help.
Because there's no love like the love from Above.