She's searching for someone, lost long ago
Perhaps you've seen him? He looks like her.
A small happy boy stunned by the sun's glow
A light in bright eyes full of curiosity

She remembers he ran wild with vigor and joy
He played in the swamps, in the forests he roamed
Inventing such games as can only a boy
With a dog and some chums he was never alone

She's looked everywhere for his small freckled face
Down through the years, she has tried her best
As she followed the charge of life's frantic pace
Often too busy to remember her quest

Then she looked in the mirror, startled to see
A likeness forgotten, dimmed by the years
His freckled face still peers out at her
He's not gone yet, be quiet her fears

He's tucked way inside, close to her heart
Listening for the call to come out and play
For awhile she thought they had grown apart
He's here, after all, and not gone away.