The thin little girl had very curly black hair
She had been alone all day which wasn't fair.
Other young ladies had sisters and brothers too
But her mother had died leaving just the two.
Her tired arms rested on the old pole gate
Twilight was darkening as it grew late.
Her pa had ridden off early that morning
Taking the only other horse for packing his hunting.
No sign of him could she see
Oh where, Oh were could he be!
Her delicious supper had grown cold
This was something to expect she'd been told.
Out there on the bald Saskatchewan prairie land
The lonely homesteads were scarce because of the blowing sand.
Did she hear the beating of a horse's hoof
Yes, yes, soon her father would be eating under their roof.
Loneliness forgotten as her handsome parent was coming
Little Audrey ran into the damp sod hut to get the supper heating.
Great happiness filled Audrey's heart to full
Her Daddy had returned, no time to mull.