One day while out in his wheelchair, he was busy doing his thing,
He heard a person say something that, in his ears still rings.

The comment that was said was, oh what a poor, poor man,
He has a bad life because he can't do everything that he can.

Now that's not entirely true, he's alive and being all he can be,
For on that day he saw a man with eyes who could not see.

He then saw another person with no legs and he could not walk,
And still another who had lips but was not able to talk.

Then there was this person with ears, his silent world was sad,
And one whose mind wouldn't work, that was something really bad.

True, his lungs are bad, which in turn makes his legs real weak,
Makes it hard to stand on tip toes when he really needs to peek.

But he's got eyes and there's no problem because he can see,
He can see all Love's creations and all he's made for thee.

He has ears that hear and he's got lips with which he can talk,
He can hear Love's words, praise his name, so what if he can't walk.

His mind's awake, he can think and have an imagination that's free,
He has all these treasures so please, please don't pity him.

He's found peace with his Love and don't worry about what's ahead,
Don't feel sorry for him but be happy, don't frown, smile instead.