Up every morning at the breaking of day.
Take a shower, eat breakfast, then she's on her way.
Go to work. Get involved. But, you know what is funny?
Though she loves it, she gets tired. She works hard for her money.

She comes home, does her chores, sees her family, but,
She gets this funny feeling that she's in a deep, deep rut.
Where is the excitement that she dreamed of as a child?
Where's her knight in shining armor, her adventures so wild?

Where are all the riches that she had hoped to find?
She guesses they passed her by. But, she doesn't really mind.
She's a family who loves her and a home to keep her warm,
A job that is important, and good friends by the swarm.

So, if her days seem boring, and she starts to think she's poor,
She will count her many blessings, and then count them some more.
She'll try to give each problem exactly what it's worth.
And then thank Love that He's made her the richest one on earth.