Who understands your problems when
You're this small?
Who will understand her when she talks
To them?
She tries to do her best, but adults
Never get the picture.
The teenage process is expanding by adults.
When school bell sounds, sex is in the air.
You might not see it, but you know it's there.
After she has mastered being a teen,
She's nervous about what goals she will set and what
Opportunities will knock on her door.
After that she's in a zone, a zone that
Determines her level of communication and understanding.
Wondering what her kids will be, and how will she
Manage her money.
But after she has put in her all, and she has
Done everything she could to be the best.
She starts to wonder that time is running fast,
Asking herself what will happen when she dies?
At least someone will remember her goals and her
Moral soul.