Life Is Nothing Without Love
To Have Love Is The Greatest Glory
A Person Can Know
To Love They Must First Be Loved,
Like A Baby From Its Birth, You Nurture It,
Love It, And It Goes And Returns Your Love Over And Over Again
If She Has One Wish, It Would Be To Find Love
A True Love, A Sincere Happiness In All Love's Creation To Share
A Feeling Of Truly Belonging To Another Human Being
She Knows There Is Someone For Everyone
They Must Find Their Own Special Love
To Be Able To Share Not Only Their Love Making
But Their Inner Thoughts And Dreams For Their Future
She's Always Though Of Heaven
What It Must Be Like, But To Truly Be Loved
Must Be The Heaven On Earth To Share With Another Person
Life Is Nothing Without Love
She Wants To Love Again, She Deserves It
She Once Again Will Know The Feeling Of Being Loved....