In the beginning, you and he met
To their relatives, their future was set
Over time you became his best friend
Hoping that relationship would never end
During that time he wished for something more
But he was always afraid of opening that door
Every day with you he wanted to say
But he was afraid you would turn and run away
Soon time passed and he had to depart
To love with only memories of you in his heart
But he regrets every day that passed
If only he stood up to you and asked
Now all he is is a lonely man to grieve
Because the woman he loves now has to leave
He will always remember the good times they shared
The joys they felt, the love they dared
He only fears of never hearing from you
For you to disappear, he just couldn't go through
Please don't forget him, for he will always be there
As long as he loves you he will always still care.