It seems that all the world is seized by hate and spite,
And all of them fell into despair, being frightened,
And feeling they unable to withstand, resist and fight,
Life isn't safe and future isn't brightened.

Do you remember times they could keep their homes unlocked?
Do you remember times they could stroll fearlessly at night?
Do you remember times they weren't so often shocked?
Do you remember times life wasn't like a fight?

"O these blessed times from our so nearby past..."
Don't long for bygone! Let's turn to the present.
Don't be afraid! They aren't weak. They're strong and fast,
Can overwhelm evil and make life safe and pleasant.

Don't lose again the growing generation,
Regard the family forgotten values and traditions,
Obey the Law, respect each human life and nation,
Compete in being kind, it'll be the best of competitions.

Let's keep the soul and spirit of America,
Let's wage a war against brutality and human wildness,
That every life would be secure and welcome,
And every family would live in friendship, kindness.