He knows of a man who was so proud of his son.
Now this son wanted to follow in the footsteps of his dad.

He learned how to race bicycles and he won
He then learned how to race motorcycles and boy did he win!
Always this son followed his dad, he loved so much!

His dad was in that Air Force fighting for his country
And the people, he loved.

Now this son watched his dad, and grew.
His dad went to "The Guard" and grew too,

Next thing you know his son was all grown.

The son went to the Army fought for his country and won!
But still it wasn't enough for him, in his heart he knew.
He left that Army that he loved and grew on.

He went to work on those birds that defend the waters he loved,
But still he knew, there's something he must do!
He said, "I'll serve the country that loves me and all I know,"
So he put on that Proud Highway Patrol Blue, badge, gun and
Went on.

Now one night, this son stood toe to toe with an evil he never knew.
Some say this son lost the battle over evil and good.
But this son knew his Heavenly Father wanted him more.
His last words and thoughts were, "Dad and Mom I love you.
I'll see you up there, My Heavenly Father wants me more!"