The laughter inside of her has left.
It seems to come & go as it pleases.
Never knowing when it will come, when it will leave, how long it will stay; or, how long it will
Remain gone.--It mystifies her conscience, & leaves her alone to suffer.
Where it goes, she knows not--but when it dies, it dries her up...leaving her soul, dry & empty.
Laughter, how she yearns for your precious company.
Love her...never leave her side, & always bring happiness into this roller coaster life of hers.
Oh precious Laughter, revive the long forgotten Happiness within her.--Let her once again taste the
Sweetness of its kind.
Let her no longer feel the coldness of being lonely.
Stay with her.
Be her brother, her her knight in shining armor--forever shielding her from bad.
Come back laughter.
Return to her side.
Her heart, it beats your name, & awaits your joyous return.
For, she misses you dearly.