He woke up this morning
With a smile upon his face
Because of a wonderful dream
About a lady of elegance and grace

So lovely was this charming lady
It surely had to be a dream
For Love rarely makes such a masterpiece
This most beautiful lady ever seen

Her hair was a golden color
And her eyes a gorgeous brown
She smiled at him so tenderly
Whispering words of love so softly
She hardly made a sound

There was a stardust in her manner
And a mischievous twinkle in her eye
While she danced in this dream
Like some beautiful butterfly

It had to be in the Garden of Eden
Where this enchanting lady dwells
Because she offered him an apple
Which she had sampled
Putting him under her romantic spell

There would only be such a lady
But in a dream--surely not in real life
Then he looked at the pillow next to him
And Behold!--The lady of his dream
Was his sweet and beautiful wife