She was a gift to you America, from the people of France
In celebration of the 100th anniversary of American Independence
She came to you in a battleship, in pieces and parts well protected
You built a pedestal for her, so she could be properly erected.

You lit her torch and gave her a safe harbor to guide the ships
She lit the way for your tired and poor whose spirits needed lifts
She greeted your "huddled masses yearning to breathe free"
She represented safety and hope for all from sea the shining sea

Thousands of you will remember her from first sight
Away from your homelands, with promises of futures bright
You came to America for the promise of dignity and freedom
Their country was the future for you in its magical kingdom.

You came, you saw, you worked hard, you conquered and aspired
Your children and grandchildren are successful and admired
However, in the process, you became, selfish and greedy
You have forgotten your roots, and when you were needy

She is over 100 years old and feeling kind of tired and not so grand
Because you took too much for yourself and emptied the promised land
She asks you only to remember the reasons you left your homeland and friends
Then perhaps this will restore your memories and reverse the bad trends