"Look, it's Lady Butterfly!" As the curtain rises she commences
To dance. Look at Lady Butterfly; she's dazzling and charming,
But if you reach for her, she'll fly away.
She's enchanting and scintillating, but she says no to
Love and turns her heart away.

She really lives to dance and her career is in full height,
But she has no time for love and she wonders does she cry into
Her pillow at night.

Dance Lady Butterfly, while the audience applauds
Demonstrate your expertise.
Don't let anyone see the tears as you claim satisfaction because
This is your show. Take your bow and laugh as you
Hide your feelings so no one will ever know.

You said love is not your first concern, but behind your
Charade your heart yearns and yearns.
So go on and dance Lady Butterfly and smile as you
Must to everyone as they pass you by, but remember
One thing when you hang up your dancing shoes, whose
Arms will you go to?

Go on with your fame and in stardom you will shine
And the future will bestow a love you will find
Dance on Lady Butterfly, wherever your career guides you.
Then, in time, love will find a place in your heart.