Skies of blue, skies of gray,
It cannot be another way.
The warping time; it brings you back,
To all the things you'll never lack.

The smoking anger held inside,
The people seem, you do abide.
The piercing shrieks like lightening fire,
The Faithful Friend, you do admire.

Lights go off, lights come on,
When they appear, your soul is gone.
You search your mind, you cannot find,
The soul of love you left behind.

The fear of hope, the fear of love,
Your pureness seen, it's from above.
Hate strikes forth, the tension climbs,
Your enemy, from future times.

You say good-bye to all your fears,
As Holy Love's face appears.
He looks at you, His face so tame,
He says you are His kindled flame.