Boots, that's her parents family pet, had been for many years.
He was good with children, his kids loved him so.
A few years back he passed on, sadness filled their hearts.
Kerri's wish

Her parents did as others do and buried him in the back yard.
Everyone was sad when they got word but Kerri had to check things out.
She took her doll, grandma, her sister-in-law and away they went.
Kerri's wish

At some point someone returned for the camera,
She wanted a picture of her and her doll by Boot's grave--they weren't sure why
But before it was over they had all taken one.
Kerri's wish

When they see the pictures now they think of that day,
One more time about an old friend named Boots.
And a little girl who's not afraid of a grave.
Kerri's wish