Just a minute...she'll do that in just a minute...
Wait just a minute...she'll be there in just a minute.
Give her just a minute of your time.
Minutes...As plentiful as sand upon the beach.
They need not be concerned with how they spend them.
They are used up without a thought.
Many are spent just waiting and seem to last forever.
They drag by and they wish them away.
Some are lost without a thought.
It is just a minute, make it up tomorrow.
There will be more, why worry.
But minutes pass and turn into hours,
Hours turning into days...days one by one
Slip away until finally a life time has gone by.
A life time of minutes.
Each one spent never to be seen again.
Just a minute. Can you wait just a minute.
Can she do that in just a minute.
Can you give her just a few more minutes.
What do you mean...there are no more.