Day by day she was living, the time was going slow.
The horrible things kept happening, though they didn't
Show. Her grades, they kept dropping.
Her friends, they kept on leaving, they said she was a snob.
Her boyfriend, he had left her for some other girl.
Her weight, it kept on increasing, and she felt really fat.
Her parents, she tried to talk to them, but they said she was
Exaggerating. Until that night it happened. She just
Couldn't help it. She just couldn't take it. She killed
Herself. She got her father's sleeping pills and took every
One. Then, she was in a room of white, she guessed it was the
Hospital. She watched herself from above. Then, the thing
She thought would never happen...happened. He pulled
The sheet over her head. Then, she saw people, working on
Her. Then, she was in a casket. The first people she saw
Before Love made her come home, was her loving family. She
Had made them feel this way. She wishes she could've
Embraced each of them and told them she loved them.
But now because of her mistakes she has to wait until
Judgement Day to tell them...she loves them!