Superior Court Justice Rodney Melville

Judge Rodney Melville Is Here To Over Rule
What Comes Into Court That He Approves

He Sits There In A Lot Of Pain
Many Rule He Does Not Sustain

Whatever Is Disagreeable He Departs
And Makes Decisions At The Side Bar

Decisions Are Made Good And Bad
Leaves Some Of Them Feeling Sad

Evidence Is Found High And Low
Whatever Happens The Judge Must Know

Jurors Are Fired Right And Left
They Can No Longer Tolerate What's On The Shelf

They Made A Decision To Serve On The Case
Soon Found Out It's The Wrong Place

Judge Rodney Melville Is Wearing A Long Black Gown
When This Case Is Over He's Leaving Town

To An Unknown Place Where He Can Not Be Found
So His Face Will Not Retain The Frowns

And He Can No Longer Hear The Sound
Over Rule, Sustain, Or Side Bar Pound