She could not believe it, the movement in her womb
Could be this perfect person, she'd soon welcome in her home.
You captured all her love right from the very start
Emotions she had never known had overwhelmed her heart.

She used to creep into your room, gaze at you as you slept.
Then thank the Lord for all the joy of you which made her wept.
As the time flies quickly by, she thinks of you much more.
When you were just a little tot while creeping on the floor.

Then pre-school started, you were scared. Then so again was she.
She had to send you off into the world, it made her cry.
Soon high school came with lots to do football games and such
And no time left for "our" time she misses it oh so much.

You have your friends, your job, your life of things that you must do
She's hoping soon that your itinerary includes her too.
Even if it's only for an afternoon here and there
An update on your busy life of who, what, when, and where.

She knows that you'll do well in life, you're her son, you can't miss
The moral values she's instilled in you won't make you guess.
Of all the things that she has taught you, love's the greatest gift
So son be generous with it, in abundance you'll receive it.