J-DAY #514

The tears burn his eyes. The tears run down his face.
The tears fall upon the ground. They do not make a sound.
They form a pool of water at his feet. He says
This used to be a real neat place. How could
He have been such a fool. He does not like this
They called defeat. All of his wishes have
Been broken. He looks to the heavens, but not a
Word is spoken. For all the people are no more.
The seven thousand year war is over. He has
Been beat and as he sits on his heavenly seat,
He floats up into the sky. He looks down upon
The earth...In shame, he lets out a
Sigh and knows that life will not be
The same and he begins to cry. As he cries
He starts to pray for an end to all of mankind
As he knew it. For this time there is too
Much pain for even him to bear. He just does
Not care anymore. It will be nobody's
Concern ever. For he vows he will
Never try again....