A heavy down pour dampens the forest road
While a mother quail scampers
With her young ones in front of his truck.
He stops--she stops.
His head turns--"thank you"--
And off they go into the undergrowth.
The sun emerges and the mist rises
As the earth exhales its moisture.
He's walking now as quiet as he can.
A few feet away a fat cheeked chipmunk
Stands erect--on alert!
Her paws squeeze her pouch--
"This is mine"; And off she runs.
The earth is breathing deeply now
As swirls of mist surround him.
Even the tree seem to breathe.
A red squirrel suddenly sounds the alarm
And dashes up a twisted branch.
Others join in and the woods are flooded in sound.
He's been found--an intruder.