The state of disguise of one living with one's indentity concealed...

Silently, sleekly the old woman gazes
Into the empty white pages
Absent of phrases,
Typically she has dawned her face for the day
Pink lipstick, eyebrows & black mascara that
Regardless of the tears & pain she might feel
She continues to walk through life's ordeal.

Proudly & poised the young woman gazes
Into the empty white pages
Absent of phrases,
Career & connections are her clothing,
Suits, dresses the all knowing
Of confidence, pride & discovery,
She has experienced the true agony
Of lost loves & written her dreams in
The heaven above,
Soft clouds blue skies & many many lies
She knows herself but not the whys.

Gently, guided the young woman child gazes
Into the empty while pages absent of phrases,
Drawings & pictures in rainbow colors,
Are the expressions of her endeavors
Shocking Pink, Bright Blue & Pretty Yellow to
Show her dreams
To the world she has yet seen.
Pigtails & braids are her crowning glory
If strangers only knew her story
They would protect her & let her rain in the
Of knowing she was safe & secure
But that's not for sure.
Broken words & empty phrases seem to fill
Each of her gazes.
Looking & searching for the one true savior

Does anyone acknowledge or recognize her

Warm & waking the infant came to life not
Knowing she gazes into empty white pages
Absent of phrases.
Playing with toys, sleeping & eating fills her days
Comforted & wanted in each gentle touch
She enjoys the attention so very much.

Faces of people she knows & those she's yet to
Meet seem to come whether she's awake or
Quietly she looks into the eyes of her mother
Looking for signs of love not matter.
What her conception might have been
Do they know where it happened & when?
The decision to bring this child into this world
Has got to be one thought they know when they
Brought their love together.

Incognito she continues her journey

Not really knowing when or where she will
Return to her life.
She wears her sunglasses or driving glasses to
Protect her strife,
From the eyes & hidden gazes, as she looks at
The empty white pages absent of phrases.