Yesterday is gone like the summer breeze
And like the wind blowing through the trees;
For it will come and it will blow away
Like a child's laughter at the end of the day.
And as for night, well it grows near
And your memory seems to be so clear;
And in your mind you drift away
In the memory of yesterday.

Well it seems so beautiful, but yet so sad
To see the good times that you once had.
And you see a man that you once knew,
As you feel the pain that you went through,
But you see his smile, and his warm embrace,
And you hear his voice echo far away
In the memory of yesterday.

But it's time to realize that you can go on,
And that yesterday is forever gone;
But yet your heart lingers in the past
On a love you thought would always last;
But now it's time to face reality,
To find tomorrow and what you may see;
But yet your mind is so far away
In the memory of yesterday.